ERCI’s core teams consist of trained professionals: rescuers, lifeguards, medics, paramedics, nurses, who can fully operate in complex situations along with designated equipment, such as offshore RIBs used for rescues at sea and offroad vehicles, which are part of the operation. We currently operate on the South Coast of Lesvos, assisting

the safe rescue of hundreds of people on a daily basis. ERCI is the only team operating 24/7/365, regardless of the conditions and the location thus has come to lead the rescue efforts on Lesvos. Being a Greek organisation and among the few in active Search and Rescue, ERCI’s goal is to scale up in capability, in order to

address the issue in a more efficient manner and wider operational area. In order to make this happen more people and equipment will need to be deployed in the operation.

So far the ERCI team has helped more than

people in distress reach safety.

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