At camp Moria, where roughly 6,500 people live, our medical team sees 60-70 patients a day. We treat people who would otherwise be unable to see a doctor. We urgently need your help to continue!

Mirella Alexou

Program Director

ERCImed is a medical emergency response program providing medical aid and healthcare services to refugees and asylum seekers on the island of Lesvos.

Help us keep people safe!


The recent exit of big international organisations from the medical sector in Lesvos left many gaps in services for refugees. In response, ERCI has launched the ERCImed program, providing physical and mental health services for refugees in two camps on Lesvos.  ERCImed is serving the acute and chronic health needs of refugees in the Moria and Kara Tepe camps.  ERCImed responders also work with our search and rescue teams to provide emergency medical services to arriving refugees.
Aside of the routine and urgent healthcare needs of refugees, there are many incidents relating to the living conditions and overall uncertainty of the future of this displaced population, who often seek comfort in self-harming, drinking and other practices which require immediate medical attention.


Our ERCImed team responds to emergencies of all kinds and is managing acute and chronic health problems. Most emergencies in the camps are not physical but psychological.  Therefore we equip our teams with the basics of psychological first aid.  The ERCImed team provides the first line of health services for many camp residents.  We work to build constructive relationships with camp management, the local health authorities and service providing partners. Accurate, timely and professional assessments in combination with effective referrals to other health providers helps ensure that refugees do not fall through the cracks of the system and are provided consistent, quality care.


Sea, Shoreline, Camp: Our medics are deployed everywhere on the island of Lesvos.  In cooperation with the Hellenic Coast Guard we deploy our rescue boat crews and allow the first medical attention minutes after being rescued from the sea. Our cars and off-road vehicles come with the option to set up first response areas for triage and emergency treatments even in remote areas like the rocky shoreline of south Lesvos or in highly dynamic situations like camp evacuations. The two biggest sites on Lesvos Moria ( ~ 3000 residents) and Kara Tepe ( ~ 1000 residents) are equipped with clinic spaces which ERCImed doctors, nurses, interpreters and med-students staff for 8 hours during daytime in Moria and 8 hours at night in Kara Tepe. Since we are operating in a highly dynamic and unpredictable situation, we always have a quick response team of rescuers and medics ready to support our partners react to emergencies at any time.


Urgently Needed

Emergency Funding Appeal!

ERCI is not funded by the EU or the Greek Government and is relying on private donations from considerate individuals, like you, to sustain its life-saving work.

Medicines (7000€/month)

Medication is expensive and desperately needed. We are updating a list of most needed medicines.


Please contact for questions about shipping details and restrictions.

ECG Paper (150 €/150 sheets)

Electrocardiography allows our medical team to monitor the heart activity of a patient and identify life-threatening conditions. However, special paper is needed record the signal.

Join the Team

Medical Coordinator (paid)
We are hiring a Greek speaking medical coordinator for the management of our medical mission on Lesvos. Find out more in the detailed job-description.


Volunteer Doctor
We are looking for fully qualified and experienced doctors. Find out more about in our placement-description.


Volunteer Nurses
We are looking for experienced nurses who can assist our doctors, triage in emergencies and manage our clinics. Find out more in our placement-description.

Volunteer Interpreters (Cultural Mediators)
We are looking for interpreters who cannot only translate the medic-patient-dialogues but also mediate culturally. Find out more in our placement-descriptions.


Volunteer Medicine Students
We are looking for medicine students who can assist our medical and interpreter team in running the clinics while learning from our experienced practitioners. Find out more in our placement-description.