ERCIedu is a non-traditional educational project that aims to support youth in refugee camps through innovative curriculum that provides them with the necessary life skills, incentives and language learning to prepare them for their next transition in life and social integration.
ERCIedu’s Refugee Youth Learning Program serves children of ages 4-17 years old. Through a series of experiential learning activities, ERCIedu aims to provide refugee kids with: language skills, numeracy, physical activity, life skills and social integration support.

The main focus is supporting youth and adolescents, including unaccompanied minors, the majority of whom are refugees from war torn countries, such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Current Project Status: ERCIedu’s Refugee Youth Learning Program is already educating 80 minors in ‘’Elpida Home’’, Northern Greece. Our goal is to reach 1000 beneficiaries in 2017.

Why is ERCIedu different than
any other educational programs?

According to the assessment report published by the Greek Ministry of Education in June 2016, 2/3 of the existing educational activities towards refugees across Greece are of creative nature such as art, games and sports, while only 1/3 of them involve actual classes.

Out of those, the majority deliver English lessons or lessons in third languages (Greek, French, German) and only in seven cases they held Arabic classes. ERCI EDU is a program that fits the educational and cultural needs of the refugee youth, aiming to provide a curriculum close to the one these kids received while at school. In terms of language, our priority is to enhance the skills in their mother language (Arabic, Farsi, etc.) and then in third languages.

The people equipping our educational mission are passionate competent volunteers that have previous relevant experience, have undergone extensive screening procedures and training prior to joining an educational program in the field.

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